iLDONG Pharmaceutical

Ildong Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company in South Korea. The company has been dedicated and committed to the development and supply of superior pharmaceutical products that contribute to the health and well-being of people.

Idience acquired IDX-1197 from Ildong Pharmaceutical, a sister company of Idience, which has expertise in anti-cancer research and CMC.  Ildong and Idience has entered into an agreement to collaborate for successful development and commercialization of IDX-1197.

National Onco Venture

National OncoVenture, a system-integrated oncology drug development group, was established in June 2011. NOV is supported and located at the National Cancer Center of Ilsan. NOV is a national research and development project group of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. National OncoVenture is currently carrying out Phase 1a study of IDX-1197.


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