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iLDONG Pharmaceutical

Ildong Pharmaceutical is a leading pharmaceutical company in South Korea. The company has been dedicated and committed to the development and supply of superior pharmaceutical products that contribute to the health and well-being of people.

Idience acquired IDX-1197 from Ildong Pharmaceutical, a sister company of Idience, which has expertise in anti-cancer research and CMC.  Ildong and Idience has entered into an agreement to collaborate for successful development and commercialization of IDX-1197.


National Onco Venture

National OncoVenture, a system-integrated oncology drug development group, was established in June 2011. NOV is supported and located at the National Cancer Center of Ilsan. NOV is a national research and development project group of the Ministry of Health and Welfare. National OncoVenture is currently carrying out Phase 1a study of IDX-1197.


Idience is committed to the identification, in-licensing and systematic development of promising therapeutic candidates.

In its in-licensing initiatives, Idience is eager to evaluate therapeutic frontiers in late-preclinical and clinical stages of development with an emphasis on new chemical entities and biologics in a various field including oncology.  Any synergistic treatment options with a PARP inhibitor will be reviewed with high priority. 

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Idience seeks to collaborate with leading global pharmaceutical companies with a proven track record in clinical experience, for completion of the final phases of the clinical trials, and commercial capabilities, to successfully bring our innovative developments to market. We believe that this is the way to combine our drug development expertise with your commercial development capabilities.

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